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Mother India Web Special $10India, All India$0.025$10
Mother India Web Special $25India, All India$0.025$25
Mother India Web Special $50India, All India$0.025$50
Direct Connect Worldwide $80India, All India$0.031$80
Direct Connect Worldwide $23.75India, All India$0.037$23.75
Direct Connect Worldwide $47.50India, All India$0.037$47.5
Direct Connect Worldwide $5India, All India$0.039$5
Direct Connect Worldwide $10India, All India$0.039$10
Hindustani $4India, All India$0.053$4
Hindustani $8India, All India$0.053$8
Simple Minutes $90India, All India$0.074$90
Simple Minutes $46India, All India$0.075$46
Simple Minutes $24India, All India$0.079$24
Dosti $86India, All India$0.086$86
Dosti $44India, All India$0.088$44
Dosti $22.50India, All India$0.090$22.5
India Call Pack $15.50 (2Hours From USA)India, All India$0.090$15.5
India Call Pack $31India, All India$0.090$31
India Call Pack $62India, All India$0.090$62
India Call Pack $124India, All India$0.090$124
Salam Pakistan $76India, All India$0.095$76
Salam Pakistan $39India, All India$0.098$39
Salam Pakistan $20India, All India$0.100$20
Salam Pakistan $8India, All India$0.100$8
Salam Pakistan $4India, All India$0.100$4
Dosti $5India, All India$0.100$5
Dosti $10India, All India$0.100$10
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